Silver Handprint Christmas Decoration

Charming Christmas Bell


Forever capture your children’s hand  or footprints and make a truly unique Christmas present for a special person in your life.

Product Description

This charming Christmas Bell can fit multiple hand or foot prints.

The bell pendant is handcrafted and made from 99.9% fine silver. The pendant measures 3.7cm x 4.2cm and there is room for a name or initial on the front and on the reverse a message or special date.

The bell is beautifully presented in a gift box.

The price includes two hand impression kits.

How does it work? Place your order at the checkout. We will send you the impression kit within 48 hours. Simply follow the instructions and return your print. Once we have received your impression we will have your personalised jewellery ready within 21 days.

Hand and foot prints are minaturised to fit onto any of our jewellery range.

Need some more information about handprint jewellery? Click on our FAQ page on how to take prints and the process.




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