Inkless Print Instructions

What are Inkless Prints?

Inkless prints are produced from using inkless wipes and paper. The inkless wipe is wiped across the hand or foot, the hand is then pressed onto the inkless paper, and as soon as you release your hand you will see your print start to develop.

Do not open the wipe until you are ready to use it.  Once opened it can be folded and re-used a few times but will dry out quickly. The inkless wipe is not a wet wipe and will feel dry to the touch which is normal.

If you are using the wipe on a small child, it is best to do so when they are in a calm mood, distracted or asleep.


1)       Make sure that the hand or foot is clean and dry.

2)      Remove the wipe and wipe across the hand or foot making sure you completely cover the hand or foot.

3)      Take care not to touch the paper when you have been handling the wipes as your print will also develop on the paper.

4)      Using the side of paper that does NOT have the SilverEdge Designs logo on it. Press the hand onto the paper. Try not to move it as this may smudge your print. You can rest the paper onto a firm board or book if this helps.

5)      Start by putting the heel onto the paper first and then rolling the foot down to ensure that all parts meet the paper.

6)      Lift the hand or foot away carefully and watch the print develop.


You may be able to fit multiple prints on the sheet of paper. We will then choose the best pint to use.

After making your inkless print it’s please wash any exposed skin with soap and water. The wipes are non-toxic and not dangerous but it is advisable that young children do not put their hands in their mouths until they have been thoroughly washed.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the process please get in touch at