Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

Once you have placed your order we will send out your impression kit.  Simply follow the instructions and return the fingerprint. When we receive your impression, a mould is taken.  It is then pressed into a silver moulding clay and cut to your desired shape.  From here it is dried, engraved, sanded, fired, re-sanded and polished into your perfect gift.  The items are beautifully presented in a gift box and posted recorded delivery to ensure you receive it safely.

How do you take prints?

We have a simple to use fingerprint kit.  You will receive a pack with a blue and white moulding compound which captures the fingerprint. The kit has step by step instructions on how to take a good print. Hand/footprints and pawprints are captured with a non toxic inkless wipe and special paper. Alternative you can take the print at home with paint and post or email it to us.

Kisses can be made using a dark lipstick on paper, baby scan images, children’s artwork and signatures can be emailed to us.

At what age can I take a fingerprint impression from my child?

A fingerprint impression can be taken from birth and will mark that moment in time forever.  However, as a rule the definition in a child’s finger doesn’t emerge until they are at least 6 months old. This will vary depending on each child and some may take longer.  Until they reach 1 year’s old the impression can be very faint. Handprints can be taken from any age and reduced to fit on all jewellery items.

Can you do adult prints?

Yes I can take adult fingerprints.  I recommend using the small finger to take a print as this will fit on a small and medium pendant.

Can I have a print on each side of my jewellery?

I am afraid not!  Each impression is pushed deep onto the clay and impressing the other side will distort the first print.  We can engrave the other side as this done at a later stage when the clay is dry.

Can you customise a jewellery item?

I love new challenges and am happy to work with customers on designing jewellery that suits their style and personality.

Do you book appointments?

I do make home appointments for people within a 15 mile radius.  I also visit different events and locations where you can drop in for me to take an impression.  If you are further away I have an easy to use impression kit which can be sent posted to you for you to do with your child when they are most relaxed.

I am involved with a PCT mums group can you visit our coffee morning?

Absolutely!  These are a great opportunity to take prints and browse through some examples of different products at your leisure in a fun environment that your children enjoy.  I can also attend small coffee morning parties, parent and toddler groups and school fairs.

I have left it late to order, will it be ready in time?

Once we have received your impression we aim to have all orders completed between 14-21 days.  Around busier holiday periods such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day it can take longer. If your deadline is tight please contact us prior to ordering to see if we can complete it on time.  Alternatively we sell gift vouchers.

Do you hallmark your Jewellery?

Our Jewellery is not hallmarked as we aim to keep the prices of our products as low as possible.  Most of our products are under 7.78 grms which make them exempt from hallmarking as guided by the Assay Office ( )

Can you engrave on the back of cufflinks?

We do not recommend engraving cufflinks on the back as the silver solder can seep over the engraving.

I love my jewellery item and would like to order a gift for another family member.  Can you reuse the prints?

Yes – We keep all prints for two years and can reuse them over again.

How will I receive the finished Jewellery?

All the jewellery is beautifully presented and carefully gift boxed.

How do I look after my silver jewellery?

Silver is a beautiful metal but can become tarnished easily if it is not worn regularly. To clean simple wash in warm (not hot) water with a non phosphate detergent. Use a soft cloth to rub clean and then dry with a towel. Buff the shine into dull silver with a soft cotton cloth. If the item is more tarnished a silver jewellery polish will remove it.

The items are made from a precious metal clay which is 99.9% of fine silver. As such it is a relatively soft metal. If an item is worn everyday on a chain or alongside other items on a keyring, over time it will gradually age and scratches may occur and engraving may fade. We recommend that you take it off while doing gardening, heavy house chores or swimming.

What is Precious Metal Clay?

I love working with Silver clay, it is so versatile you can make beautiful and bespoke pieces of jewellery. This is a precious metal clay that consists of small particles of pure silver suspended in an organic binder and water which gives an elasticity to the clay to be able to create unique pieces. The organic binder is burner away when fired leaving a piece of 99.9% fine silver jewellery.

What is the difference between 99.9% fine silver and 925% Sterling Silver?

Silver clay is a made of 99.9 fine silver and Sterling silver is a harder metal which is combined with 7.5% of another base metal such as copper. All our necklaces, bracelets and fittings are 92.5% sterling silver.

Are you a franchise?

No, the company was independently established by myself in 2013.

If you cannot find your query answered within these examples please contact me on or call me on 07712 546 777.