Impression Kit Instructions

How to take a fingerprint impression

Within your SilverEdge Designs kit you will have received enough putty to take two prints for each person.

Please Note: Each print will require both the blue and white putty.

Children under six months may not have a clearly defined fingerprint yet but their impression will still be unique to them.

1. Please make sure to wash and dry your hands and your child’s before touching the putty. It is advisable to also trim fingers nails. All creases and crumbs that appear in the impression mould will transfer to the silver jewellery.

2. Take the blue putty and split into two parts and repeat with the white putty.  You should now have 4 balls of putty.  Take a piece of blue putty (larger than a pea but smaller than a Malteser) and the same size piece of white putty.

3. Place the two putty’s together, need and roll between your palms, this needs to be done quite quickly.

4. Continue rolling until all of the putty has been combined into one colour, there should be no streaks or marbling affect.

5. Once the putty is combined roll it into a ball and place it on a clean, dry, hard surface and press your child’s finger into the putty. (This is usually the child’s Index finger next to the thumb). This needs to be done firmly with a straight finger but does not need to sink to the bottom of the putty.

6. After a few seconds remove the finger and leave the mould for 15 minutes to harden.

Repeat steps 3-6 for your second impression.

If you can press your fingernail into the mould after 15 minutes and it does not leave a mark your mould is then ready to return to us.

Once the mould has hardened, place it in the grip seal bag and write the name as you would like it to be engraved onto the bag label.

Fill in the order form and return with the moulds in the envelope provided.

Key Points To Remember When Using Your Fingerprint Impression Kit

* The putty will set within 5 minutes of being mixed therefore it is important to plan where and when you are going to take the prints.

* If you make a mistake, you may have enough time to re-work the putty into a ball and try again.

*If the putty starts to set before you make the impression the fingerprint may not be as clearly defined.  If the putty does go too hard you will have enough putty for a second attempt.